After 1,622 days since we received our first provisional banking license, we’re finally ready to begin accepting new accounts.

Setting up a bank has been one of the most difficult business experiences of my life.

If we knew back when I started this journey several years ago how difficult it would be, we would still make the same decision – but we would have definitely set our expectations differently.

Banking is an incredible industry; they hate new competition. They close every door.

They put every barrier possible to prevent new people from coming in.

And we’ve had to jump through countless hoops and over so many hurdles to get to where we are.

But finally. After all that, we’re ready.

We have all of the tools and all of the components – from correspondent banking to technical services – to be able to open up accounts.

We’ve been waiting for this day since 2015. And it has finally come.

We’ll be collecting interest over the coming weeks as we continue to do the final tweaks on our technology, website, etc.

After this, we’ll have a webinar where we’ll take you through the bank’s plans, how we might be able to help you, and answer your questions directly.

And as soon as that’s done, we’ll begin the process of opening accounts.

We’ll let you know soon when the webinar will be.

So for now, let us know you’re interested by filling out the brief form below and we’ll be in touch soon with more information.